Narratively is always looking for photo stories that bring new perspectives and voices to accompany our catalog of human-centric storytelling. Please note that we publish photo essays as opposed to photo galleries – while great photography is the backbone of each piece, every photo essay must al have a story arc that is driven by both visuals and original reporting. 

Our photo stories usually have between 10-20 photos, with reporting presented via captions and accompanying text that inform the readers about the larger story as well as all of the details.

What to Submit: We review completed photo essays or works in progress. Each submission should include a headline that defines the unique focus of the story, along with a series of photographs and explanatory text. We collaborate closely with all contributors to edit the stories and prepare them for publication

We are always looking for something new and untold. If the story has been done before, we want to see a surprising perspective or a new angle. Submitssions should fall into one of Narratively’s primary channels:

Super Subcultures

Stories about people who build their lives around weird and wonderful obsesions. 



Profiles of fearless game changers who are reconstructing the world in their own unique way. 


Deep Dives

Ambitious projects that put a human face on an important and newsworthy issue.



Photo series that provide an intimate look at a photographer’s life, with a concrete narrative.

Other things we are looking within these categories:

– Always focus on the human appeal of the stories. Tell us: why is this story important to readers right now?

– Please review the example photo essays above and consider how your story and angle could fit into Narratively.

–Offer an untold story, or a fresh take on a story where the nuance and details are often overlooked in mainstream media coverage.

– Engage the reader with a cohesive storyline that takes us from one point to the next, with a concrete beginning, middle and end.

What we are not looking for:

– Parachute Journalism: A good photo story is well researched and photographed over some period of time spent with the subject(s). We want readers to be transported into the world through careful examination and documentation.

– Undeveloped ideas: Unfortunately, we don’t fund projects from scratch; we need you to at least have a solid understanding of what the main subject/storyline is, along with some examples of your work.

– Pretty photos with no context: Oftentimes, we receive beautiful photography with little reporting. We need to know who the people in the photographs are and what their story is.