Narratively has become known for our high-caliber personal stories, which rise above the flood of confessional “it happened to me” first-person writing. We want to publish the one incredible, truly unique story that only you can tell. We want a glimpse into your life, and through that, into a world we’d never have access to otherwise.

As with all Narratively stories, memoir submissions should be made up of compelling, vivid, active scenes. Bring us into the story with you, and let us see it unfold – rather than just telling us about it after the fact.

And there should be a narrative arc – a beginning, a middle, and an end – that shows you developing a new or different perspective by the end of the piece. That is, we need more than just an account of something wild that happened to you; we need to see the impact that experience has had on your life.

Most of our first-person stories are in the 2,000-3,000 word range. *Please do not submit personal essays under 1,500 words or over 4,000 words.*

Some examples we love:

My Childhood in an Apocalyptic Cult

Searching for the Nazi Who Saved My Mother's Life

There's a Mathematical Equation that Proves I'm Ugly... Or So I Learned in My Seventh Grade Art Class

Secret Life of a Devout Christian Dominatrix

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