Believable, a podcast by Narratively currently in production, is looking for pitches!

In each episode of Believable, we dive into a personal story where narratives conflict, and different perspectives about the truth collide.

We’re looking for stories about the way that narratives shape lives in both positive and negative ways.  We’re looking for solid, nuanced ideas about narrative rooted in strong characters going through interesting circumstances. Our stories are 20-30 minutes long, character and scene driven, and have several twists or surprising moments. The people in our stories are diverse, and we’re especially keen to receive pitches from female producers, LGBTQ producers, and producers of color.

Our stories focus on a single character navigating the grey area between personal experience and objective truth. In one of our stories, a woman has a spiritual experience when she survives a medical phenomenon, and has to square that experience with skeptics, including herself. In another, a survivor of a police shooting is charged with the attempted murder of the officer who shot him, and a jury has to decide who to believe in the face of mounting evidence of police misconduct. In another, a therapist takes a risky and ethically dubious approach to help a man shed a false narrative he has about himself.  These stories focus on extraordinary experiences and expand to say something larger about the role of narrative in the lives of people.  But on their own, they're just interesting, complex stories.

If you think you have an idea or a story that might fit the bill, please pitch us!

(Compensation: AIR rates, $1,500)