We love a good niche – the more obscure the better. These stories take us inside a hidden world we would never have access to otherwise, and introduce us to the people who built it and live in it. Weird obsessions we’ve never heard of, and the people who build their lives around them. Sometimes it’s a subculture of one; a character whose obsession defines them.

With these pieces, it’s especially important to paint a vivid picture, so that the reader enters this strange world with you – and to dig below the surface. These pieces don’t just hold up a subculture and say “can you believe it?” – they bring the reader into that subculture so they can see how it works, what drives it, and what draws people to it.

Some examples we love:

The Violent, Lonely World of Myanmar's Child Boxers

Inside the Colorado Mansion Where the Kittens of BDSM Run Wild

Meet the Modern-Day Pagans Who Celebrate the Ancient Gods

Driving Faster than God on Utah's Disappearing Salt Flats