For Hidden History stories, Narratively looks for larger-than-life characters who never made it into the history books, astonishing forgotten tragedies, heroes that never got their due, and stories that bring the past to life in full, vivid color.

The key to these pieces is that they haven’t been widely told elsewhere, and that you’ve uncovered something with your reporting that adds new dimension to an old story. You’ll need to uncover enough detail to make these pieces just as vivid and active as the present-day stories that our reporters are watching in real time.

And this is important: these pieces need to make it clear why the piece of history you’re digging up is relevant today. What’s happening in the news right now that we can get a new perspective on from reading this hidden history story?

We are particularly interested in pieces about women, people of color, and anyone else whose incredible story has been unfairly obscured by history.

Some examples we love:

The Secret Story of the Groundbreaking Boxing Champ Who Lost His Title Because He Was Gay

The Donald Trump of the 1840s

The Last Time the Russians Intervened in a U.S. Election

Meet the Kim Kardashian of the 1890s