Our mission at Narratively is to publish untold human stories that surprise, delight and captivate readers. We're currently accepting pitches for a very special collaboration we're working on with the Narrative Storytelling Initiative at Arizona State University called Life in the Age of Extremes. You can read more about it below — and pitch us through December 29. 

Otherwise, we're taking a temporary pause from accepting general submissions as we rework our process. We will be reopening all submissions soon — stay tuned for details and subscribe to Narratively to make sure you don’t miss any announcements.  (If you have submitted something prior to this date, we will absolutely still review your submission.) Thank you for understanding!

Our team at Narratively is thrilled to announce an exciting and incredibly timely new project: Life in the Age of Extremes. A unique collaboration with the Narrative Storytelling Initiative at Arizona State University, this special series will fund big, ambitious reporting projects that shine a light on where the human race is heading now and that help us peer into the future.

We’re living through an age of extreme weather and climate, extreme violence, extreme economic inequality, extreme food insecurity, extreme threats to democracy, and more. We’ve all read the many news headlines. But how are these complex and chaotic issues playing out on the ground? 

We’re seeking stories about real people living through unique aspects of this “Age of Extremes.” A harrowing story of unlikely survival through climate catastrophe. A profile of a community living on an island that will soon be inhospitable, who have come up with a last-chance method for saving their way of life. A renegade band of peacemakers who have bravely taken on gang leaders who control a neighborhood the government gave up on. A journalist who’s the last person left speaking truth to power in an oppressive society. An unhoused American who has dreamed up a new way to tackle the country’s housing crisis. 

As always, we’re looking for stories that surprise and inspire us. We want to spotlight underrepresented voices and read about people whose lives have been overlooked by mainstream media, whether they live in a remote corner of Southeast Asia or in the shadow of the Hollywood sign. And we want pieces that are full of dramatic, cinematic action, featuring colorful characters with ultra-compelling arcs of their own, and exciting narrative scenes. Wherever possible, we want to focus not only on these crises and their devastating effects, but also on the power of potential solutions and the inspiring stories of those working tirelessly to make them a reality. While our focus for this project is on reporting, we’re also excited to receive first-person pitches from people who are reporting on their own one-of-a-kind experiences in this Age of Extremes.

Pitches Due: Friday, December 29 (Please note: We are not accepting full submissions at this time, only pitches.)